Antoine Schirer
I am a video director and motion designer, working in the area of journalism. I split my time between working at the video department of Le Monde, and developing documentary projects.


My first contact with video was through urban dance in 2003. From my high years and throughout my twenties, I have been intimately involved in this movement, as a dancer and a videographer. From Korea to Sudan, El Salvador, Kyrgyzstan … I have filmed, documented, this effusive dance form. I have had the chance to work with some of the best dancers in the world and also many of the hidden talents in countries you’d least expect to have dancers. (…I can still bust a few moves if you’re wondering 😎 ).

Alongside my dance journey, I studied multimedia and design. I began working as a freelancer from 2009 to 2013, doing a variety of projects including commercials, broadcast design, internet videos, non-profit projects… Through my experiences, I have developed a versatile range of skills and familiarity with all levels of production. (Shooting, editing, art direction, motion design, 3D, coding).

In 2014, I decided to head towards the area of media with the wish of working on projects that were meaningful to me. After several experiences for TV (Envoyé Spécial, Complément d’Enquête, Le Grand Journal…), I had the opportunity to join the video team of Le Monde in 2016. I now split my time between working there, and developing documentary projects (in the pipeline: video series with Upian for Atelier de l’audiovisuel public).



Since 2016 Motion designer & video director, Le Monde
Motion graphics production, ident, video direction, editing, writing, training
2018 → 2019 Video series for Atelier de l’audiovisuel public
Written with Sheerazad Chekaik, produced by Upian, for Atelier de l’audiovisuel public (France Télévisions, Arte, INA, France Medias Monde…)
2012 → 2016 Motion designer & video director, freelance (France, Holland, Korea, UK, USA)
• Projects for: France 2 (Envoyé Spécial, Complément d’enquête), Canal+ (Le Grand Journal, Le Petit Journal, Canal Street), Arte, Les Arènes, Korea Tourism Organisation, Samsung…
• Studios: The Mill, Upside TV, Bangumi, Flab, Elephant & Cie, Ogilvy, Stink, Onirim, 45 Live, Cartel Creative,, Balanga Distribution, Red Bull Media House…
2011 → 2012 Hyper Island Stockholm
Motion Creative course
2009 → 2011 Multimedia designer, freelance (France, Holland, UK)
Web-development (OOP, PHP, ActionScript3, WordPress…), video editing, motion design
2006 → 2009 BA degree in multimedia & communication
• DUT Métiers du Multimédia et de l’Internet, Université Bordeaux-Montaigne
• Licence Multimédia & arts numériques, Université Paris-Est
• Internships: AFP, Soleil Noir Studio, U-Koncept Media Group

Trainings, workshops…

2018 Workshop for RNW in Uganda
2017 → 2018 Workshops at ESJ Lille
2013 → 2017 Workshops at Bordeaux Montaigne University
2016 Assistant contributor, Le Monde Académie
2014 Workshop at Chengdu Tian Fu College, China
2013 Trainings at La Nacion Costa Rica
2012 Screening and workshop at Rotterdam Street Science Festival


2017 Article for Le Monde Afrique, portrait of B-Boy Lilou
2010 → 2015 Video director, R16 Korea, urban dance festival
2008 → 2015 Video director & coordinator, The Notorious IBE festival, The Netherlands
2005 → 2011 Video director,
2012 Artist residency on Ideas Island Philippines



Le Monde Génocide au Rwanda | quel rôle a joué la France ?
Writing, editing, motion | 2018

Le Monde Implant Files | Le scandale des dispositifs médicaux
Motion, editing | 2018

Le Monde Nouvelle-Calédonie, dernière colonie française ?

Série « Mappemonde » - Ep. 1
Motion, art direction | 2018

CumEx Files Comment arnaquer le fisc avec la Bourse
Motion, editing | 2018

Le Monde Video ident Rebrand
AD, production, coding | 2018

Le Monde Afrique B-Boy Lilou, danseur sans frontières

Le Monde Afrique
Direction, editing | Article | Nigeria, 2017

Le Monde Impôts : aux sources du « Ras-le-bol fiscal »
Motion, co-real | 2018

Showreel Motion design

From projects for Le Monde, France 2, Canal+, Samsung, Microsoft…

Le Monde Qu’est-il reproché à Vincent Bolloré
Motion, add. editing | 2018

Paradise Papers Les petits arrangements de Lewis Hamilton
Editing, motion | 2017

Envoyé Spécial Broadcast design

Upside TV for France Télévision
Motion | 2015

Meet in the Middle To Live and Break in Qatar

14min short doc / /
Writing, direction | Qatar, 2015

À pleines dents Teaser

Balanga Distribution
Editing, itv shoot | 2015

Juste Debout World Tour Series

15x10min report series

Canal Street
Direction, editing | 15 countries, 2013

Le Monde L’académie bouddhiste qui dérange Pékin
Reportage, editing | China, 2017

Le Grand Journal Coming-Next

Flab Prod for Canal+
Editing, motion | 2016

Red Bull BC One Kyrgyzstan

Red Bull Media House
Direction, editing | Kyrgyzstan, 2015

IBE is me Promo clip

45 Live for IBE Festival
Direction, editing | Holland, 2010

Leaving A Thumbprint El Salvador

12min short doc
Direction, editing | El Salvador, 2013

R16 Korea Opening Sequence 2014

Cartel Creative for Korea Tourism
Direction, editing | South Korea, 2014