BBC Eye Investigations | Who killed Nemtsov? 21 min|2022
Seven years later, we find new evidence that Boris Nemtsov, Putin's main political opponent, was tailed by an FSB agent linked to an assassination squad.
Role: co-producer, video editing, motion design | Investigation: Bellingcat, The Insider, BBC Eye Investigations
Le Monde | The Shameful Mistake: How the French police took a mother’s eye 25 min|2021
On 25th June 2013, a 52 year-old Malian-born mother lost an eye at the hands of the police, following the brutal arrest of her two sons. A fresh examination of witnesses videos documents a chaotic police operation and officers’ lies during the court hearings.
Role: investigation, production, video editing, 3D modelling | With E. Costard, A. Jacquel, L. Roxo
BBC Africa Eye | Lagos Inferno 16 min|2020
A pipeline explosion in Lagos, Nigeria, rocked the city to its core. BBC Africa Eye asks what really caused the blast that killed 23 people and totally destroyed a girls’ boarding school?
Role: video editing, motion design, 3D modelling | Journalist: B. Hill
Disclose | Operation Sirli: France's complicity in state crimes in Egypt 9 min|2021
Disclose has obtained hundreds of classified French official documents which reveal abuses committed during a secret military operation in Egypt. The investigation unveils how France became complicit in aerial strikes against civilians.
Role: production, video editing, motion design (with E. Costard) | Investigation: A. Lavrilleux, G. Livolsi, M. Destal
Forensic Architecture | The death of Adama Traore 2020
Based on multiple sources, Le Monde and Forensic Architecture produced a detailed reconstruction of the events leading up to Adama Traore’s death.
Role: 3D modelling | With: F. Sebregondi, N. Masterton | Investigation: A. Balluffier, N. Chapuis
Le Monde | Gilets Jaunes: how the police wounded a peaceful protester 15 min|2019
Our open source research, in conjunction with digital modelling, shows how 'Gilets Jaunes' protester Olivier Beziade was the target of rubber bullet fire in the head when he was posing no threat.
Role: research, production, motion design, 3D modelling | Lead investigator: A. Balluffier
Mediapart | Viry-Châtillon case: how the police made up false culprits 14 min|2021
Officers truncated or cut out entire sections of what suspects said in custody. They also put pressure on them to implicate other youths from the town.
Role: production, video editing, motion design | Journalists: P. Pascariello, A. Rouget