BBC | Russian detainees expose Moscow police officer who tortured them 16 min, 2022
Role: co-producer, lead video editor & designer
BBC | Who Killed Nemtsov? New evidence on Russia’s most shocking assassination 21 min, 2022
Role: lead video editor & designer, co-producer|⭐️ DIG Award
Le Monde | In a Paris suburb, how a police operation turned to chaos 25 min, 2021
Role: lead investigator, video editor, motion/3D designer|⭐️ DIG Awards Jury mention, GIJN Editor's pick
BBC Africa Eye | New evidence on Lagos explosion that killed 23 people 16 min, 2020
Role: lead video editor, motion/3D designer|⭐️ Amnesty Media Award, DIG Award
Disclose | Operation Sirli: France's complicity in state crimes in Egypt 9 min, 2021
Role: producer, video editor, designer - in pair with E. Costard|⭐️ DIG Awards shortlist
Forensic Architecture | The death of Adama Traore 2020
Role: 3D modelling, motion design
Le Monde | How the French police wounded a peaceful 'Gilets Jaunes' protester 15 min, 2019
Role: OSINT, co-producer, video editor, designer & 3D modeller







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