Timeline Template
for Visual Forensics

This free template allows to build scrollable & stretchable timelines. With two modes predesigned (per second or per year), I have tried my best to leave it flexible and customisable. It was originaly inspired by the work of Forensic Architecture, but redesigned from scratch to adjust my needs.

(For older AE versions, try this one.)

Note: I have designed this tool for my own use, and bugs may remain.
Please do drop me a line if you spot one!

New in version 2

  • A 2nd mode is now available: Year mode.
  • Simpler anchoring system: just rename layer’s label.
  • Simpler stretching system: set a desired destination (anchor) and easily zoom in it.
  • Simpler system to display periods
  • No more trouble with language versions of AE.


  • This is a tool to present an analysis, not something that will be any helpful to synchronise or analyse footage.
  • I recommend to make the ‘final cut’ in your editing software, after rendering it with transparency in AE. (I’ll detail my workflow in a tutorial — coming soon).
  • If you use this template for a published project, please share with me the result! That would make me very happy. Same if you spot a bug, or have suggestions to improve it.


Full tutorial to come soon


  • How to scroll and strech the timeline?
    Simply edit and keyframe the two sliders controls – #SCROLL and #SCALE – under the top layer labeled “~TIMELINE CONTROLER~.
  • How to change the position of a layer on the timeline?
    Simply update the layer’s label and write the desired time. Make sure to do so without deleting/trimming any of the first caracters, otherwise the algorythm will get lost. You can also delete the script, and manually enter a value in the slider labeled TC (in ‘second’, or ‘year’).
  • My story doesn’t start at 00h00. How to offset the timeline?
    Two solutions. First one: you can simply position all your assets at the desired time, and scroll the timeline toward these. Second one: you can also leave your assets close the 00h, and manually rename the text layers to fit your story – and there is a slider on the playhead to offset its clock.

Use cases