My first contacts with the video medium was through breakdance in 2003. From my teenage years and throughout my twenties, I have been intimately involved in this movement, as an (average) dancer, and mainly as a videographer. Unexpectedly, this teenager's passion took me to more than 35 countries, from Korea to Sudan, El Salvador, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria… I worked with some of the best dancers in the world ; and I also went off-road, to meet some hidden talents in countries you’d least expect to have great dancers.

Alongside my dance journey, I studied digital media & visual communication at Bordeaux-Montaigne University and Hyper Island Stockholm. I began working as a freelance multimedia designer in 2009, doing a variety of projects, in diverse regions and contexts (selection of works here).

In 2016, I decided to take a turn toward journalism, with the desire to work on projects that were meaningful to me. I had the chance to join the video team of Le Monde, where I worked two and a half years as a lead motion designer / video maker. Alongside motion graphics production, I co-directed and edited a number of news explainers, designed a new visual identity. and also wrote a video story examining the role of France during the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.

In 2019, I returned to freelancing, and worked with various media outlets and production companies (Mediapart, The New York Times, Upian). I notably co-directed a documentary video series called « Dans ton tel » (In your phone), and an investigative video about a case of police violence in France, involving open source investigation, spatial analysis and 3D.

I currently work with the research agency Forensic Architecture in London.

Through my experiences, I have developed a versatile range of skills: filmmaking, editing, art direction, information design, 2D/3D animation, media/spatial analysis, coding…

Nowadays, my work as a visual journalist frequently involves finding visual solutions to represent complex ideas, or situations missing iconography, with as much clarity as possible. I often lean on my motion graphics skillset, but also sound design, musics, testimonies… I also often build my edits from the audio track, shaping from there the flow, and the mood of my videos.

My very first aspiration is to take part in telling stories that are meaningful, in the public's best interest.


Currently Forensic Architecture - Video editor & assistant researcher
  • Forensic Architecture is an independent university based research agency undertaking media and spatial research of state and corporate violence.
2019 Independent filmmaker & motion designer
  • Fall 2019: projects with various medias / organisations (Mediapart, The New York Times…).
  • Spring 2019: web series « Dans ton tel » for the French public broadcasting (with Upian).
2016 → 2019 Le Monde - Lead motion designer & filmmaker
  • Main tasks: producing motion graphics ; creating and deploying a new visual identity.
  • To a lesser extent: co-directing and editing "news explainers" ; training ; writing.
2012 → 2016 Independent filmmaker & motion designer
  • Projects for: France 2 (Envoyé spécial, Complément d’enquête), Canal+ (Le Grand Journal, Le Petit Journal, Canal Street), Samsung, Nokia, Dior, Les Arènes, Korea Tourism Organisation…
  • Studios: The Mill London, Upside Télévision, Elephant & Cie, Ogilvy, Stink, Cartel Creative Korea, Red Bull Media House…
2009 → 2011 Independent multimedia designer & web developer
  • Flash/ActionScript3, OOP, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, video editing, motion design

Other experiences

2005 → 2016 Documentating urban dances
  • Involved in various collectives, I shot battles, portrayed dancers, edited highlights clips, directed short docos…
  • Collectives/clients: Red Bull Media House, The Notorious IBE, R16 Korea, Style2ouf, Juste Debout, Prodance.tv
  • Selection of works here
Since 2013 Teaching motion design, video making, visual storytelling
  • 2018 → 2019: RNW (Uganda / Rwanda)
  • 2019: CFJ Paris (individual support)
  • 2017 → 2018: ESJ Lille
  • 2013 → 2017: IUT MMI Bordeaux
  • 2016: Le Monde Académie (individual support)
  • 2014: Chengdu Tian Fu College (China)
  • 2013: La Nacion (Costa Rica)


2011 → 2012 Hyper Island Stockholm
  • Motion Creative Program
2008 → 2009 Paris-Est University
  • BA Degree in digital art and multimedia (Licence)
  • Internship at Soleil Noir Studio (Flash developer)
2006 → 2008 Bordeaux Montaigne University
  • BA Degree in digital media (DUT MMI)
  • Internships: U-Koncept (video editor, motion designer), AFP (C# developer)
2005 Baccalaureat Scientifique