19 mars 2019


My first contact with video was through breakdance in 2003. From my high years and throughout my twenties, I have been intimately involved in this movement, as an (average) dancer, and mainly as a videographer. Unexpectedly, this teenager’s passion took me to more than 30 countries, from Korea to Sudan, El Salvador, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Qatar… I have shot some of the best dancers in the world, and I have also gone off-road, to meet some hidden talents in countries you’d least expect to have dancers.

Alongside my dance journey, I studied multimedia and design. I began working from 2009 to 2015, doing a variety of projects including commercials, broadcast design, internet videos, websites, non-profit projects… I have worked for agencies and studios like The Mill, Havas, Upside TV, Elephant & Cie, Flab……

In 2016, I decided to head towards the area of journalism with the desire to work on projects that were meaningful to me. After several experiences for TV, I have had the chance to join the video team of Le Monde. I have worked two and a half years there, as a lead motion designer ; I have also got the opportunity to co-direct and edit news explainers, and to write a couple of stories.

I currently freelance for various medias. Most recently, I have co-directed the documentary web-series « Dans ton tel » (in your phone), produced by Upian, for the French public broadcasting (release: September 18th).

Through my experiences, I have developed a versatile range of skills (direction, shooting, editing, art direction, 2D/3D animation, reporting, coding…), as well as, I think, a sense of resourcefulness.

My work nowadays in journalism frequently involves finding visual solutions to represent abstract concepts, or to tell situations lacking iconography. I often make use of my motion graphics background (but not only). I also try to craft videos with a « melodic » approach, taking a particular care to the audio flow.

My very first aspiration remains to try to tell – or to take part in telling – stories that are meaningful, in the public interest.


Currently Freelance – Video director & motion designer
  • Fall 2019: projects for various medias.
  • Spring 2019: video series « Dans ton tel » with Sheerazad Chekaik-Chaila & Upian, for the French public broadcasting.
2016 → 2019 Le Monde – Lead motion designer & video director
  • Main tasks: producing motion graphics ; creating and deploying a new visual identity.
  • To a lesser extent: co-directing and editing news explainers ; writing news stories ; training.
2012 → 2016 Freelance – Video director & motion designer
  • Projects for: France 2 (Envoyé spécial, Complément d’enquête), Canal+ (Le Grand Journal, Le Petit Journal, Canal Street), Samsung, Nokia, Dior, Les Arènes, Korea Tourism Organisation…
  • Studios: The Mill London, Upside Télévision, Elephant & Cie, Ogilvy, Stink, Cartel Creative Korea, Red Bull Media House…
2009 → 2011 Freelance – Multimedia designer & web developer
  • Flash/ActionScript3, OOP, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, video editing, motion design

Other experiences

Since 2013 Teaching motion design and visual storytelling

  • 2019: CFJ Paris – Individual support
  • 2018: RNW Uganda – News video editing & visual storytelling
  • 2017→2018: ESJ Lille – Motion design & visual storytelling
  • 2014: Chengdu Tian Fu College (China) – Videomaking & visual storytelling
  • 2013: La Nacion (Costa Rica) – Motion design & visual storytelling
  • 2013 → 2017: Bordeaux Montaigne University – Motion design & visual storytelling
2005 → 2016 Documentating urban dance

  • Involved in various collectives, I shot battles, portrayed dancers, edited highlights clips, directed short docos…
  • Collectives/clients: Red Bull Media House, The Notorious IBE, R16 Korea, Style2ouf, Juste Debout, Prodance.tv
  • Selection of works here


2011 → 2012 Hyper Island Stockholm
  • Motion Creative Program
2008 → 2009 Paris-Est University
  • BA Degree in Art and Digital Media (Licence)
2006 → 2008 Bordeaux Montaigne University
  • BA Degree in Digital Media (DUT MMI)
2005 Baccalaureat Scientifique