I am a filmmaker, designer and journalist from France. I mostly produce investigative videos and documentaries, extensively working with motion graphics ; sometimes 3D models, open source evidence, visual forensics, coding… I try hard to document matters of public interests, using these techniques to engage audiences with complex information.

Before joining BBC Eye Investigations, I worked as a freelancer for various media outlets and agencies including Mediapart, Le Monde, The New York Times, Disclose, and Forensic Architecture. Between 2016 and 2019, I hold a position at Le Monde as a motion graphics reporter. And prior journalism, I worked as a video producer and designer in various contexts — and traveled the world to film b-boys.

Alongside, I give from time to time workshops and lectures – in the past at CFJ Paris, ESJ Lille, INA, RNW… I currently make a free tutorial series about motion design for video journalism, and share on this website some of my visual tools.

For any question or enquiry, just drop me an email. ✌️