I am a journalist, filmmaker and designer from France. I make news videos and documentary films for media like BBC, Mediapart, Le Monde, Libération, Forensic Architecture… I specialise in visual investigations, often working with emerging tools and techniques from motion graphics, visual forensics, OSINT, data mining, 3D modelling…

Several films I worked on have been noticed by the profession, including the GIJN‘The Shameful Mistake'(Le Monde)
GIJN‘s Best Investigative Stories in French, 2021
, the Amnesty Media Awards◾︎ ‘Finding my Torturer’ (BBC), ‘Best Investigation’, 2023
◾︎ ‘Lagos Inferno’ (BBC) ‘Broadcast News’ 2021
and the DIG Awards ◾︎ ‘Nemtsov’s Shadow’ (BBC), Best Investigative Medium, 2022
◾︎ ‘The Shameful Mistake’ (Le Monde), Jury’s Mention, 2022
◾︎ ‘Lagos Inferno’ (BBC), Best Investigative Medium, 2021

Before journalism, I worked for eight years as a videomaker and multimedia designer in different contexts, alongside traveling the world to document breaking culture.

I occasionally teach visual storytelling, digital filmmaking and motion design – in the past at CFJ Paris, ESJ Lille, MMI Bordeaux, INA… I also make a tutorial series on Youtube, and share on this site a few design tools for visual investigations.

For any enquiry, just drop me an email. ✌️