I am a French journalist, filmmaker and designer. I mostly make investigative news videos and documentary films. I specialise in visual/digital investigations, weaving together open source evidence, visual forensics, 3D models, graphics, data sets, testimonies… to shed light on complex news events, often human rights violations.

Over the last few years, I have worked for BBC Eye Investigations, Le Monde, Libération, Mediapart, Forensic Architecture

Several films I worked on have been noticed by the profession, including the GIJN‘The Shameful Mistake'(Le Monde)
GIJN‘s Best Investigative Stories in French, 2021
, Amnesty Media Awards◾︎ ‘Finding my Torturer’ (BBC), ‘Best Investigation’, 2023
◾︎ ‘Lagos Inferno’ (BBC) ‘Broadcast News Award’, 2021
and DIG Awards ◾︎ ‘Nemtsov’s Shadow’ (BBC), Best Investigative Medium, 2022
◾︎ ‘The Shameful Mistake’ (Le Monde), Jury’s Mention, 2022
◾︎ ‘Lagos Inferno’ (BBC), Best Investigative Medium, 2021

Before journalism, I worked for eight years as a videomaker and multimedia designer in different contexts, alongside traveling the world to document breaking culture.

I teach visual storytelling, digital filmmaking and motion design – in the past at CFJ Paris, ESJ Lille, MMI Bordeaux, INA… I also make a tutorial series on Youtube and share on this website a few design tools for visual investigations.

For any enquiry, just drop me an email. ✌️