Nemtsov's Shadow
Who killed Nemtsov? New evidence
on Russia’s most shocking assassination

21 minutesBBC Eye, 2022
Role: lead video editor & designer, additional OSINT
Lead producers: A. Leroy, D. Adamson | Investigators: C. Grosev, Y. Tsalov Exec producer:

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In February 2015 Russian politician Boris Nemtsov — a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin — was shot dead on a bridge in the shadow of the Kremlin. Five men were convicted for his murder, but urgent questions remained: Who ordered the killing…and why?

Now, a new film from Bellingcat, The Insider, and BBC Eye reveals evidence that, in the year running up to the shooting, Boris Nemtsov was being shadowed by an FSB agent linked to a secret assassination squad.


Lead investigator: C. Grozev, Y. Tsalov, R. Dobrokhotov
Producers: A. Leroy, D. Adamson, B. Hill, C. Pamment, A. Schirer
Lead video editor & designer: A. Schirer
Investigators: N. Davies, B. Hill, Andreas, A. Leroy, J. Tacchi
Video editing & motion design: S. Vanhooymissen, S. Lehmann, E. Longueville, P. Anselmi
Interviews producers: C. Pamment, A. Ciolli
Executive Producer: D. Adamson
Editor: M. Perkins