Gilets Jaunes: how the police
grievously wounded a protester

15 minutesLe Monde, 2019
Role: OSINT, co-producer, lead video editor & 2D/3D designer
Lead investigator & producer: A. Balluffier Story editors: O. Clairouin, C-H. Groult, D. Walther
🇬🇧 English subtitles available

On 12 January 2019, in Bordeaux, France, Olivier Beziade was seriously injured by the police during a Yellow Vests protest.

To understand what happened, we analyzed hundreds of photos and videos, interviewed about fifteen key-witnesses, and recreated the scene in 3D. Our investigation reveals how Olivier Beziade was hit by a Defence ball launcher (LBD40) shot in the head, despite the fact that he was posing no threat. But also from an authorized stinger grenade throw. It shows how the french police use dangerous weapons, without respecting the principles of « necessity and proportionality », as it is legally required from them.



Images : R. Roussel, S. Roy, F. Enero
Motion design additionnel : M. Bretonnier, L. Kessler, O. Escher
Remerciements : S. Lehmann, A. Lopez, C. Mayer, U. Amez, N. Chapuis, S. Triki, A. Dayhot, E. Costard, Françoise, Quentin et Lucie, Karim, William