Nahel Merzouk riots: How the police killed M. Bendriss
while he was posing no threat
Liberation, 2023
"Finding My Torturer":Russian detainees expose
police officer who tortured them
BBC Eye, 2022
⭐️Amnesty Media Award ⭐️BBC News Award
"They Call Us Meat":What happened
to Russia’s elite ‘Black Berets’ in Ukraine?
BBC Eye, 2023
"The Shameful Mistake":In Seine-Saint-Denis,
how a police operation turned to chaos
Le Monde, 2021
⭐️DIG Award ⭐️GIJN Editor's pick
"Who killed Nemtsov?":New evidence on
Russia’s most shocking assassination
BBC Eye × Bellingcat, 2022
⭐️DIG Award
Mega-basins demonstration: how the police
wounded an activist
Liberation, 2023
"Operation Sirli":France's complicity
in state crimes in Egypt
Disclose, 2021
How the police wounded
a Gilet Jaune protester
Le Monde, 2019
Viry-Châtillon: how the police
made up false culprits
Mediapart, 2021
"Lagos Inferno":What caused the blast
that destroyed a Nigerian girls' school
BBC Africa Eye, 2020
⭐️Amnesty Media Award⭐️DIG Award
Death of Adama Traore in police custody:
the chain of events reconstructed
Forensic Architecture, 2020
How the police sabotaged
a Paris demonstration
Mediapart, 2021
What was the role of France
in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda?
Le Monde, 2018
The Killing Of Mark Duggan
Forensic Architecture, 2020
In your phone
Arte &, 🇫🇷 2019
The Great American Covid Success *
New York Times, 2020

Visual forensics & 3D reconstructions

I work with emerging media techniques…forensic architecture, open source investigation, visual forensics, data-mining, motion design… to search for new information, and shed light on complex news events.

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