"Finding My Torturer":Russian detainees expose
police officer who tortured them
⭐️Amnesty Media Award ⭐️BBC News Award
"The Shameful Mistake":In Seine-Saint-Denis,
how a police operation turned to chaos
Le Monde
⭐️DIG Award ⭐️GIJN Editor's pick
"Who killed Nemtsov?":New evidence on
Russia’s most shocking assassination
BBC Eye × Bellingcat
⭐️DIG Award
"Operation Sirli":France's complicity
in state crimes in Egypt
"Lagos Inferno":What caused the blast
that destroyed a Nigerian girls' school
BBC Africa Eye
⭐️Amnesty Media Award⭐️DIG Award
How the police wounded
a Gilet Jaune protester
Le Monde
Nahel Merzouk riots: How the police killed M. Bendriss
while he was posing no threat
"They Call Us Meat":What happened
to Russia’s elite ‘Black Berets’ in Ukraine?
Mega-basins demonstration: how the police
wounded an activist
Viry-Châtillon: how the police
made up false culprits
Death of Adama Traore in police custody:
the chain of events reconstructed
Forensic Architecture
How the police sabotaged
a Paris demonstration
What was the role of France
in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda?
Le Monde
The Killing Of Mark Duggan
Forensic Architecture
In your phone
Arte & France.tv
The Great American Covid Success *
New York Times

Visual forensics & 3D reconstructions

I work with emerging media techniques…forensic architecture, open source investigation, visual forensics, data-mining, motion design… to search new information, and shed light on complex news events.

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