Work | How the French police sabotaged a Paris demonstration

9 minutes - Mediapart, 2021 - Subtitled in English 🇬🇧
Role: open source research, video production, motion design
Made with S. Bourdon, A. Rouget & C. Polloni - Story editor: M. Hajdenberg


Mediapart has gathered and analysed hundreds of videos taken during a demonstration staged in Paris on December 12th 2020 against the French government's controversial “global security” law. Our investigation shows the unlawful nature of dozens of police charges carried out that day. It also documents the arbitrary arrests of demonstrators, baton blows given for no reason and the misleading statements made by interior minister Gérald Darmanin, especially over the nature and outcome of the arrests made. Sébastien Bourdon, Camille Polloni, Antton Rouget and Antoine Schirer investigate.

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