Documenting breaking

B-Boy Lilou — Nigeria, 2017

My life would have been totally different if I didn’t discover breaking in Summer 2001. What I first did to look cooler quickly turned to a real passion and took me on a journey. I picked up my first camera not long later, to shoot my crew and the local scene in South West France.

I remained an average b-boy, but things got off on the filmmaking side. I joined the media, one of the main online breaking community at the time, and started shooting dancers, crews and battles. I learnt how to produce, shoot, edit…

Unexpectedly, this took me to more than 35 countries, from USA to Japan, Brazil, China… I made dozens of videos for international dance events, including Chelles Battle Pro, The Notorious IBE, R16 Korea, Juste Debout… I got the chance to work with my dance idols, and also to visit hidden talents in Sudan, Nigeria or El Salvador…

I paused this work between 2016 and 2022, but I’m currently working on a couple of documentary projects. (And still practice every week!)

↑ BBoy Ayman – Qatar, 2015
Mighty All Styles battle in Omdourman, Sudan 2016

Selected videos

« IBE Is Me », 2010 – Written and directed with Sylvain Venere

↑ B-Boy Lilou, dancer without borders (Le Monde, 2017)
Shot in Nigeria

↑ Trailer IBE 2008

↑ Trailer Chelles Battle Pro 2007

↑ R16 Korea 2015 Opening Clip


↑ B-Boy Barry – Nigeria, 2017