Work | The death of Adama Traore

Forensic Architecture / Le Monde, 2020
Role: 3D modelling (with N. Masterton)
Investigation: N. Chapuis, A. Balluffier, F. Segrebondi
Video by: A. Balluffier, C. Groult, E. Bellanger, E. Longueville


Adama Traoré, 24, Black man of Malian-French descent, died in police custody on 19 July 2016, in Beaumont-sur-Oise, in the suburbs of northern Paris.

Around 5pm that day, Traoré ran into a patrol of three police officers. Two hours later, he was dead. The uncertainty surrounding his death sparked a protest movement across France, which continues to this day.

Based on statements from different witnesses, CCTV footage, and other elements of the ongoing official investigation, Le Monde and Forensic Architecture produced a detailed reconstruction of the events leading up to Traore’s death.

Case and methodology on Forensic Architecture's website
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