Work| The Killing of Mark Duggan

23 minutes - Forensic Architecture, 2020 - 🇫🇷 Sous-titrage français
Role: video editing, motion design, additional 3D
Investigation: Forensic Architecture Team


Mark Duggan’s killing by police led to the most widespread social unrest in the UK in a generation. A decade on, what happened remains unclear: was Duggan holding a gun? How did the gun get to the grass?

Working alongside the Duggan family’s lawyers, Forensic Architecture analysed the shooting in closer detail than ever, exposing critical weaknesses in the official accounts of his death.


« Our investigation of Duggan’s killing turned on the question of what different police officers saw or could have seen as the incident unfolded. Which officers had a direct line of sight to Duggan when he was shot? What would V53 have seen as he approached Duggan, and could he have missed the throwing motion that Duggan would have had to make, in order for the gun to reach the location in which it was found?

To engage with these and other questions, and to mitigate the difficulty of representing human vision through a flat screen, FA developed a virtual reality (VR) environment from our digital model. With a VR headset, we could view the animated sequence of the ‘hard stop’, and the subsequent shooting, in ‘real time’, and in as close to realistic vision as possible. »

(From Forensic Architecture website)

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