25 mars 2019


News explainers

Why is China investing Africa? | Le Monde, 2019 (co-direction, art direction, editing, motion)
What was the role of France in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda? | Le Monde, 2018 (writing, direction, editing, motion)
Implant Files: understand the scandal | Le Monde, 2018 (co-direction, editing, motion)
Paradise Papers: how Lewis Hamilton avoided paying tax on a private jet | Le Monde, 2017 (co-direction, motion)

Motion design

Motion design showreel | 2018
Le Monde video identity | Le Monde, 2018 (art direction, animation, coding)
Animations for newsmagazines (Envoyé Spécial, etc.) | Upside TV, 2015 (motion design)
Le Grand Journal (coming-next, broadcast design) | Flab Prod, 2016

Reportages, portraits

B-Boy Lilou, dancer without borders | Le Monde Afrique, 2017 - Nigeria (direction, editing)
Meet in the Middle: to live and break in Qatar |, 2015 - Qatar (direction, editing)
Film showreel | 2018
Juste Debout World Tour series | Canal Street, 2013 - 15 countries (co-direction, editing, motion)

Archives (urban dance)