20 mai 2019

Work | What was the role of France in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda?

12 minutes
Role: everything
Story editors: Olivier Clairouin, Charles-Henry Groult
(Full credits and sources at the end of the video)
Le Monde - september 2018

The story

In 1994, a genocide was perpetuated in Rwanda. In one hundred days, the Hutu extremists government organized the massacre of 800 000 persons, mainly from the Tutsi minority. Until today, the position of France during this tragedy remain blurred. Which facts are still raising questions today? Focus.

Making of

This is the first proper journalistic story that I have written. (I usually work from scripts written by other journalists.) For several years I had been following the news on that subject - a particularly controversed one in France. For this video, I started doing researches in june 2018, reading books and articles, meeting journalists and witnesses. Our idea was to summarize, in a short video, the main facts that are still raising questions.

Once the script was ready, the direction was a big challenge. I tried as much as possible to not drown the video into archives footages. I also decided to stage paper documents with an old overhead projector, which embody them a little, and allow to diversify the types of iconography. I could then only use motion graphics for maps animations, and for the chapters.

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