Dans ton tel

Through eight portraits, Dans ton tel (In your phone) dives into the smartphones of eight young men and women. The web series scans singular practices in this object of the intimate sphere, and question the audience on each others uses, as well as its own.

A 8 x 4 minutes video series, written and produced with S. Chekaik Chaila and Upian, for France.tv and Arte.


    • Jocya, 17 yo

      Jocya refuses to pay for news, but still wants to understand what’s going on in the world. So she searches for her own path on the social networks. As she says « there is a bit of everything: verified news, fake news, clickbaits… »

      English subtitles available ↗
    • Fatoumata, 18 yo

      « Currently, Fatoumata is learning korean. Knowing one language from every continent, traveling to 50 countries, visiting places that could be cleared out… She wants to see the world before everything collapses.»

      English subtitles available ↗

Other episodes


8 x 4 minutes video series, written and produced with S. Chekaik-Chaila and Upian
Funded by the French public service broadcaster: France.tv, Arte, RFI, France 24, Radio France, INA…
Production manager: C. Lacharmoise
Executive producers: A. Brachet, M. Missika
Casting: S. Chekaik-Chaila, A. Flaux
Art direction: T. Steffen
Editing: A. Schirer, T. Lallier, S. Lehmann
Motion design: A. Schirer, L. Kessler, J. Gonçalvès
Sound design: La Fugitive