22 février 2019

Work | Le Monde Video rebrand

Role: art direction, animation, coding – Co-directed with E. Bellanger
Supervision: O. Clairouin, C-H. Groult, M. Zerbib, D. Castello-Lopes
Acknowledgements: S. Triky, F. Tissier, S. Lehmann, J. Martorell, C. Montagut
Le Monde, 2018

The project

I got asked, in early 2018, to work on a new identity for the video channel. We worked together with graphic designer Elisa Bellanger, and came up with a solution articulated around three key-principles:

– black & white: no main color. We would use animation to highlight items.
– a serif font: oftenly, online video medias embed sans-serif font. We bringed in the reading font of the newspaper,
– and minimalist/cut animations


I then coded and deployed most of the items with the new Adobe feature Essential Graphics. With this toolkit, videojournalists can embed, customize, animate most of the graphics themselves, discharging the motion design team from a lot of repetitives tasks.

Logo animation

Another challenge on this project was to come up with a modern, fresh logo animation. Le Monde logo uses a gothic type, which was disturbing to treat – because unusual – but also conveys a strong identity. After many tries, we went for this solution.