Latest news

◾︎ 28 April 2023: we learned last month that the two Russian police officers, subjects of our documentary Finding my Torturer and responsible for arbitrary detentions, torture and other degrading treatment, got sanctionned by the EU.

Alongside, the film recently received an Amnesty Media Awards and a BBC News Award.

Apart from those news, I’m currently working on a new story for the BBC. On the side, I’m writing a documentary project about breaking. I will be open to new projects from September 2023.

◾︎ 4 April 2023: I worked hard in the last few days, with a team of journalists at Libération, to publish a 7 minutes piece on the Sainte-Soline events. It unpacks how an activist was severely wounded (vital prognosis engaged) by French police during a protest against a large water retention basin. You can watch it here.