Hip-hop dance

From my teenage years and throughout my twenties (2005→2016), I have been intimately involved in B-Boying culture, as an second-rate dancer, and mainly as a videographer. Within various collectives (Style2ouf, IBE, R16), I filmed battles, portrayed dancers, produced short documentaries…

Unexpectedly, this teenager's passion took me to thirty five countries, from Korea, to Brazil, Nigeria… I made videos with some of the best dancers in the world, and also with hidden talents in places like El Salvador, Qatar or Sudan.

Find below a selection of projects:

« IBE is Me »
3 min short film, IBE Festival 2010 promo clip
Shot in France, Holland & Korea.
Co-directed with S. Venere - 2010

B-Boy Lilou, dancer without borders
7 min portrait, shot in Nigeria
Client: Le Monde Afrique - 2017

Meet in the Middle, How breakdancing brings people together
Full story here - 14 min short documentary, shot in Qatar

Festival R16 Korea Opening video
Client: Cartel Creative - 2015

From the archives