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August 4, 2020 | tools


(For older AE versions,
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This timeline template allows to create a visual representation of a series of events/moments, and to easily scroll through it (zoom, fast forward…). I have designed it for "visual investigations" video formats, but you may find a different use for it.

It was inspired, in its concept, by the work of Forensic Architecture, notably in this investigation.

  • It is not a "working" timeline (…like, something you would use to synchronise, or analyse footage). It is tool to present your analysis.
  • Events are anchored in seconds. Meaning that it is relevant to visualize time frames from several minutes, up to ~5-10 hours. But not really more than that I guess.
  • I recommend to edit it in your editing software, after a render in transparency. (I detail my workflow below, on tutorial #2.)
  • It is designed to be adapted to your own visual identity.
  • This is a version one. So feel free to report me any bug or remark. (And if you end up using it, please share with me the result!)

Use cases


Part I (Part II coming soon)