Blog| Video Wall – Script for After Effects

January 26, 2020 | scripts, visual tools

Important: I have designed this script for my own use. Bugs may remain, and I can not guarantee that it will work on every platform. Use it at your own risks. But please do report me any bug!


(To install it → Mac / PC)

This script provides a simple solution to create video walls like this:

Demo video
Another example, with +800 screens.

Here is the workflow:

  • 1 - Create an edit of your raw footage. I recommend to create a timeline in Premiere, but you could also just do precomp in AE, if your grid is not too big. This edit should be long. The longer it is, the less repetition in the grid you are going to get.
    Note that the ratio that you choose for this, will be the ratio of your screens.
  • 2 - Export your edit in low res. The more screens you have, the lower you should go, and the less render time you gonna need. For example, if you create a grid with 10 screens, and your composition is 1920 pixels large, final width of each screen is going to be ~192 pixels. So you can just export like… in 360p or something - slightly larger so it keeps some sharpness.
  • 3 - Bring your edit to AE, put it in a comp, select the layer, run the script! What it does is duplicating your original layer, re-scale/re-position it, and randomly time-offset it, to catch different parts of your edit. You'll then get a 20 seconds sequence with your grid.

You can also:

  • have a randomized fade in intro (ON by default)
  • get a drawn grid between the screens, in a Shape Layer (OFF by default)

Here is a quick demo (a full tutorial will come one day):

Other tools exists to do this kind of sequence (this one, and this one for example), but with different approach. I find this one simpler and quicker.