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Scripts for After Effects

I share here a few scripts that I coded for my own use. Feel free to use/edit/share them. You can write me here for any question about it : antoineschirer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Note : These scripts are provided in good faith and with no warranty as to their fitness of purpose. Use it at your own risk.


colore!_effected copie

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Colore! is a very simple script which basically just allows you to tint the layers selected in the timeline. Technicaly, it apply a « tint » effect with the selected color. It’s useful, I believe, if you work with a same color palette for a while.

There is probably already some scripts doing this type of things existing (Ray dynamic color particularly offers a lot of other interesting features), but I wanted to have something very simple and light.

Some facts :
– Only work in AE french or english language.
– The color palet is easily editable : just open the .jsx file in a text editor, and edit the hexa color codes in the list on top of the file.
– You can also edit the number of column you want in the panel with the variable just coming next.

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